Shipping and Payment

We offer both national and worldwide conveyances of an awesome assortment of monetary forms. Every one of our conveyances is protected, quick and circumspect. All customers conveyance data are erased after conveyance with a specific end goal to guarantee a discrete arrangement on the grounds that your security is the only thing that is important to us.

Following number is exhibited for our customers to screen the conveyance advance of their bundles on the web.

We ensure the security section of your bundle, every one of our bundles is modified and strategic fixed bundles this implies they are sans custom. We offer triple vacuum seal and stealth bundle on all requests so it can’t be aroma distinguished by canine (mutts) or electronic sniffers, We do give discounts or supplant your request if there is a disappointment in conveying.

We do offer disguise for our bundles, for instance, we utilize diversions, TV or some other legitimate products containers to convey our bundles with the goal that purchaser get bundle as if accepting a recently requested Electronic Item.

we do furnish you with an expert bundling and a major box to fit every one of your requests, we additionally compose titles on the stuff before they are being bundled so it will be simple for customers who requested much stuff to discover it in the case. The conveyance, as a rule, takes up to 3-5 days

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